Yard regulations

  • Smoking and open fire are strictly prohibited in the workshops and warehouses

  • Various types of waste must be deposited in the designated containers

  • Chemical waste may only be deposited under supervision of one of the employees

  • Parking cars in front of the warehouse doors is prohibited

  • Parking cars inside the warehouses is prohibited

  • Cars are only allowed inside the warehouses for loading and unloading

  • Activities involving heavy pollution must be reported to management

  • Work carried out by other companies than Jachtwerf Delta (Delta Shipyard) must be reported to management

  • The yard is not liable for theft or damage to yachts during winter storage

  • The yard is not liable for damage during hoisting, transport, and storage

  • The owner must be insured against damage that may be caused by these activities

  • The yard is not liable for damage caused by fire in the workshop or warehouses

  • Always report calamities to management

  • Damage or accidents must always be reported to management

  • In case of fire, use the appropriate fire extinguishers or fire hoses

  • Only leave heaters and stoves on under supervision

  • It is not allowed to leave plugs in the sockets when leaving the building

  • Forgetting to turn off the lights will be charged to the client responsible

For any questions regarding these regulations, you can contact Gebr. Vermeire, Directie Jachtwerf Delta

(the Vermeire brothers, management Delta Shipyard)